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Dropbox import issues

I'm finding this rather a major pain on both your apps. When requesting to import files from Dropbox it either tells me that there are no files in app which there clearly is or there's a thin blank line on the top, I also see that this is an issue with my team that uses the same app.

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I have moved a pdf file from my main dropbox file, to my new dropbox/app/tapglance file, however, when I try to use the "Add Plan" feature in Tap Glance and select "Import from Dropbox" I get a "negotiating with dropbox" notification but nothing else! Please help.

Because of Dropbox restrictions, your plan files must be in folder "Dropbox/Apps/TapGlance" or "Dropbox/Apps/Interior Design for iPad" (depending on the app you use), in order to see them. Dropbox does not allow us to import or export plans to other Dropbox folder.

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