TapGlance has several levels of quality and resolutions of renders, to better match your needs and budget. The quality levels are Preview, Standard and Photo-real:

  • Preview quality is the fastest and cheapest way to verify that your scene is correctly set up. We strongly recommend a preview render before each standard or photo-real one. Preview render is locked to 640 by 480 pixel resolution and will usually be somewhat grainy. 
  • Standard quality produces a good balance between quality and time. In many cases standard quality render will produce excellent results that appropriately represent your scene.
  • Photo-real quality produces the most life-like results. It is the only mode that takes into account any artificial lights present in the scene, like lamps. It also lets you produce night-time renders by enabling the “Simulate Night” mode. 

Each render cost is determined by the combination of quality and resolution you choose. The cost will be displayed above the "Render" button, before you are charged and before the render is actually sent to the cloud render service. For example, currently, a render of preview quality at 640x480 resolution will cost $0.99 . 

Please note that TapGlance has a local render mode, which albeit not photo-real, can still provide excellent preview results which will be sufficient for many users. This local render mode is completely free and can be performed unlimited times.