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Suggestions for Making the Interior Designing Software for iPad more Powerful and Flexible


I am a professional Interior Designer and am using this product. But as I am personally facing a lot of problems, I am describing some of my suggestions and personal opinions two improve the product quality and usefulness. Please refer the attachment.

Waiting for reply & Hoping some good response from your side. 

Thank You



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The application is really beautiful ...Some suggestions to make it more professional:The ability to choose the size of the walls, especially in height ...Increase library furniture: More contemporary furniture (sofas, chairs, lamps), decorative objects varied (Sculptures, Statues, Maquettes ...), etc .... The HiFi.To create pools configured (Pools, Jacuzzis).Generator room walls in existing ...Here are some ideas ...

More furniture for bedrooms would be great, especially kids and nurseries, and closet items. More recreational objects such as games, exercise equipment, garage items, etc. Also, smaller accessories like photo frames that could be put on tables.
The ability to duplicate objects is great. It would be wonderful if you could extend the duplicate option to rooms and windows. If working with a modular design it is quite a pain to have to modify and resize each room and window. In Home 3D at least you can set a default room size, although I'm happy I changed to Interior Design for IPad! Thanks.
Another thing that would be useful... You have so many materials, it's hard to keep track of what I used; I forget to write them down as so carried away with design! It would be very helpful if, when you select an item there was some way to know what finish was applied. Eg Exact colour used on walls, which wood finish on cupboards and which tiles/marble used on floors, so that continuity is easy when you decide to add another room or two. I am quite badly colour blind so this is a real problem for me, but maybe less so for other users.

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Very nice application! That would be really great if we could remove or create an opening on the floor. That would be fantastic if we could build our custom objects like customized stairs!
GLASS FRENCH DOORS and SLIDING GLASS DOORS!!! Please!!! It annoys me to no end not having these. Some way to add an opening in upper level floors to allow for staircases. Change exterior material without resetting all materials. I would also like to see more landscape options.

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I also agree that the ability to add single walls in existing rooms would be great.

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I'm enjoying this app so much that I've stopped using the other apps that I got. This app has given me the ability to see my house in another perspective. I would like to see glass sliding doors. And steps leading to the outside or to different rooms. And also, maybe you can add some vehicle options for the garage and add videos on how to use the stairs.
Oh, and some cement ground in your landscape mode.

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The ability to change the height of the walls is an absolute must-have as I've run into many problems while redesigning a room in which it has taller or shorter ceilings.

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Also the 3D walk mode is difficult to get used to. I've used this app consistently for about three months and I still have trouble navigating in that mode.

I would like the ability to change the color of the Window trim and doors.

I love the app! But it would be wonderful if you would make it possible to duplicate an entire plan. When remodeling, I want to consider several options, such as moving/adding/removing walls, and then be able to compare the different ideas. It would be even more lovely if you could make this possible today! :-) Thank you for such robust apps and your great team!
Well I'm embarrassed! I just discovered that the ability to duplicate a plan is already there and quite simple. Thank you!!!!
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