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Formatting in Manuscript

How about adding the ability to use Italics, Bold and Underline in text? I do need that for some of the things my stories require, and yes, I know I could use Markdown (no it is not a markdown editor, but copy \ past into one), but it just makes sense to add them. 

I have been waiting for this simple upgrade for over two years now. I can do this using markdown and exporting to markdown editors, but please, not everybody is good with markdown. If you add the preview for that, it will make my day. But once again. not everybody is good with it, and I can always use Ulysses. 

BTW I can no longer export files on my MAC in Mountain Lion in Manuscript. You might want to fix that, too, someday.

Any idea when the update will be? You've been promising an update for over a year.

We are currently working on the big update for Manuscript apps for iOS and Mac OS. It will be include new design, formating of the text (bold, italic, underline, color, etc), undo/redo and other features.


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