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Doorways dissappear

 First, I love this program.  But it's got a couple of bugs that I hope you guys can fix.  One is disappearing doorways.  I add a few doorways in the 2D mode, but as soon as I switch to another mode, some of them disappear.  There's one that I never got to stick, I keep adding, it keeps vanishing when I switch to 3D.

Another issue is windows and doors sometimes vanish when I touch the wall, move it a it, resize it, or add another room next to it.

Hope these issues can be fixed soon.

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We apologize for such a late response.
Bug with the disappearance of doors was fixed in one of the updates and also we will try to fix the disappearance of the doors when editing the room in future updates.


Hi, I have been very pleased with this program; however doorways have taken me a considerable amount of time to get working. As far as a can tell, when you add two room, the walls are overlapping or separate; this means when the door is added, the whole for the door isn't made. It is possible to work around this by add the door wall last and making one wall shorter than the last, but it is fiddly and time consuming. In my case, i had two room separated by a triangle shaped hallway (the second room being at 45 degrees to the first one).
Yes, we had this problem to, with concrete wall showing across the doorway when we added a room after setting up the main layout. Very tricky to try and delete the double wall.
Hello, I have recently purchased the upgraded Tapglance but the doors and windows still disappear from time to time.


Please make sure that you updated the app to the latest version. Doors and windows should not disappear anymore (the original post is about a different product, Interior Design for iPad). If you are experiencing this issue in TapGlance, please send us the plan in question, we'll investigate the issue, fix your plan for you, and upload a patch, if necessary. Please send the plan to .

Doors and windows are still disappearing on TapGlance. 

@Ryan - if you extend or shrink a wall in a way that affects a door, the door will disappear. Other than that, doors and windows should not disappear. Please send us the plan to and we'll investigate it ASAP.


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