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Reset Ipad3 IOS 8.4

After updating my Ipad3 to IOS 8.4 Common TapGlance while working with the tablet is a spontaneous reboot

Does this issue keep happening or was it a one-time occurrence? Naturally the app cannot reboot the device or even crash it, the most it can do is close and show your home screen. However, we'll look into 8.4 news and updates, maybe Apple has some info about this issue.

Thanks for the answer! This occurs periodically during operation in TapGlance and in Interior Design. 

Hi Komar,

We just learned about this issue by googling about 8.4 crash - it seems many games and applications have the same problem. I'm sure Apple will issue an emergency patch or at least inform us (the developers) how to resolve this. We're also looking for a way to overcome this issue ASAP even before Apple submits a patch.


Black Mana

Hi Komar,

Do you still have the problem with rebooting your device?
 If you will answer some or all questions below it will help us to find the reason of this issue and solve it.

1. About your device - what generation your iPad is, how many memory (16, 32, 64 or 128 GB)
 it have and is it Wi-Fi only or Wi-Fi + Cellular?

2. iOS version - is it iOS 8.4 or some other? (You mentioned its 8.4, but just to be sure)

3. How many plans do your have on home screen?

4. Does this bug happens only in some mode? For example only when you work in 3D mode, or only on home screen.

5. Does all the plans issue this problem or only some of them? Can you send problem plans to us on

Thanks for answers!

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