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Ability to raise and lower rooms

I would like to see the ability to raise and lower rooms individually the way we can raise and lower objects above and below floor level using the modify button. Christy has suggested being able to make split level homes and the ability to raise and lower an entire room separately from the complete floorplan would be one way to accomplish this.  It also would assist with my problem of being able to lower a garage below the main floor, a few steps/stairs in most cases.  Also, putting basements or 1/2 basements below the plane of the exterior. Or perhaps a sunken living room.  A multi-level deck.

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Thanks for the suggestion Julie. Indeed, raising and lowering individual rooms would be very useful. It is on our to-do list, but just to share our thoughts - the complexity such a process introduces, both from a user interface perspective and the issues that may arise from a room not really assigned to a specific floor, means that we need to do some extra thinking and make sure we roll out this feature after extensive design and testing.

Thank you for your response. I am just learning your app and see so much potential for great designs I could create with it.

great support :)

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