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Door & Wall styles

I am very new to the app, and the tutorial page will not load on my iPad or my laptop.

I am looking for these features:

Pocket door, Sliding glass patio door, and the ability to create a partial wall.

Also, is there a way to close the doors (especially in hallways) in 3D mode?

I also do not see very many options for casual furniture, such as high-top pub tables for recreational/bar areas.

Thanks!  I am enjoying the app.

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Hi Jamie,

You can see the tutorials on our website as well -

Glass door - swipe down the object shelf so the search filter is shown and type "Patio".

Pocket door - Not available currently, we're adding it soon.

Partial wall - you can either use a framelss window which takes the upper part of the wall, or position a shape from the Objects --> General Shapes category and give it the dimensions of the partial wall you need.

Doors can be closed by selecting them, then tapping the "Modify" icon, then on "Closed".

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