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Update needed for ios

I can’t access my app on my pad due to Manuscript not being updated for Apple. Will there be an update anytime soon?

3 people have this problem

Hi Ben Williquette,

Manuscript is no longer sold or supported since the beginning of 2016. However we got few requests from users, that cant access their files after installing iOS 11. We are planning to make a technical update for Manuscript that will only allow to recover user files, although i dont have any ETA when this update will happen. But we will do our best to release it ASAP.

As Manuscript app was removed from sale, taking it back to AppStore takes a lot of time. To help you recover your plans faster, we can use Apple service for testing apps, TestFlight. If you agree, please follow instruction below:

1. Install TestFlight App

2. Send us your email address - we will send invitation for Manuscript to it.

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