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What's the difference between Interior Design and Home 3d?

What's the difference and why sell both?

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Interior Design for iPad is our newest app with many new features which is not present in the Home 3D (Rooms with Unique Shapes, Real-time furniture manipulation, Outdoor room additions, Render Engine, Undo/Redo, Almost unlimited choices for furniture and materials, Stunning real-time 3D and other).


What is the difference between Interior Design for iPad and TapGlance?

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TapGlance is the next generation of Interior Design for iPad. 

Here are some new features and improvements that you can only find in TapGlance.

Cloud Render (3D) - combining cutting edge technology with hundreds of dedicated servers, TapGlance can transform your 3D scene into a photorealistic image. Drag and drop furniture, appliances and fixtures into your scenes, apply materials from our huge materials library, and hit a button – the cloud render service will kick into action and transform your 3D scene into a lifelike photorealistic image. The cloud render is performed on a dedicated, high-end server farm and requires an in-app purchase of render points.

Direct Object Manipulation (2D, 3D) - quickly move, rotate and scale any object in the scene using real-time transform handles. Easily change doors and windows location by dragging them around, in 2D or 3D mode (we are working on manipulation handles for doors and windows as well). 

Sticky Manipulation Mode (3D) - enable this option in the settings screen, and selected objects will retain the last modification mode you used (move, scale or rotate).

Smarter Snapping (2D, 3D) - snap now works on all modification modes, including move, resize and rotate.

Staircases and Sairwells (2D, 3D) - drag a staircase to a plan and TapGlance can automatically create the stairwell and build the correct railing. You can, of course, do those manually if you wish.

Floor height (Layout) - each floor can be assigned a different height.

So all the new technology is only available for Apple devices?


Yes, Interior Design for iPad and TapGlance Interior Design are available only for iPad.

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