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things I'd like to see

*default Wall height settings and also the ability to do cathedral ceilings, 2 storey living rooms etc

*ability to change the color of windows/doors and choose your own mouldings style, size and color for them. 

*change direction of flooring planks

*change mouldings like baseboard, crown mouldings etc

*add beams or different colors to the ceilings

*an easy open or closed door function

*measurements to be more accurate IE 1/8" or at least 1/4" increments

*duplicate things like windows/doors

* a 'swatch book" that stores what objects and materials that you've used on each plan

*changes of elevation for a room or within a room IE sunken living room or step downs to porches etc

*ability to insert photographs of your (or clients) yard as landscape

*more options for window grilles and glass doors

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Please hurry and add the wall height modification. Most new homes have 9-11 foot ceilings. This is preventing me from placement of shapes that are representing the suspended lighting and ductwork in our loft.
Wall height is necessary for most buildings...I'm trying to draw a plan of my barn conversion but unfortunately the current wall heights are giving a false presentation...your app is by far the best...just needs a few tweaks to make it perfect.
Has been any movement towards being able to change the wall height? It is increasingly necessary to be able to use a 9' and 10' wall height.

Wall height feature was implemented quite some time ago - you can access it through the floors button (the little double headed arrow lets you specfiy the wall height).

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