Manuscript for iPad can export any of four file formats - HTML, TXT, RTF, and MANUSCRIPT (XML).

Manuscript for iPhone can export  formats - TXT, and MANUSCRIPT (XML).

For a Microsoft Word user, the best option would be either RTF or TXT.

Please be aware that once the manuscript has been exported, you can't import it back in its textual form. This is simply because each word processor has different formatting options and we have no way of knowing what is a chapter header or a new paragraph. So export works as one way only when your manuscript is complete.

With that said, there is a way to export a manuscript. You can edit it externally and import it while retaining the changes by choosing Full Version (MANUSCRIPT) as your export options, changing the file using plain text editor such as Notepad or TextWrangler, and importing it back. Be careful not to delete any XML tags.